Nueva película de “Jumanji” será secuela, no remake

Dwayne Johnson, que se reunirá con Jack Black y Kevin Hart para prepararla, reveló detalles de la película.
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Enlace copiado
Uno de los mayores temores de los fans de “Jumanji”, cinta que fue protagonizada por Robin Williams en 1995, era que quisieran hacer un remake. Y es que, en la gran mayoría de casos, rehacer la historia ha llevado a fracasos descomunales. Siempre hay excepciones, por supuesto.

Para evitar rumores en torno a la nueva cinta de 2017, el actor Dwayne Johnson decidió aclarar este punto en Instagram. La Roca dijo que no será un reboot ni un remake del film original, sino una continuación aunque, de momento, ambas mantengan el mismo título.


Yo.. Lots of positive chatter now on something I should've clarified months ago when we announced we were making JUMANJI. This new movie will NOT be a remake or reboot of the original. It will be a CONTINUATION of the awesome JUMANJI adventure 20 years later. As a producer on this movie and someone who loves the original, you have my word we'll honor the legend of "Alan Parrish" and properly introduce a whole new generation to the fun and crazy JUMANJI universe that so many of us loved and grew up on. Our director Jake Kasdan and lead producer Matt Tohlmach are focused and ready go. They also have no f*cking idea what they've gotten themselves into by hiring Me, Kevin Hart and Jack Black aka "The Cray Cray Triplets" as the stars of this movie. Shooting begins in 4 weeks. And on a personal note, it's such a cool thing for me to bring the production of this movie to Hawaii. The positive ripple effect it has on local businesses and families in terms of creating jobs and additional income makes me very happy. I grew up on the island thru hard times and good times, so it means a lot to this local boy. Hell, I used to steal a Snickers candy bar every day from 7-11 when I walked to the gym as my pre workout meal when I was 14yrs cause I was too broke to buy one. When I return to Hawaii, I will go back to that 7-11 (on Kapiolani Blvd) and finally buy that Snickers bar after all these years. Then I'll proceed to my psychiatric therapy session cause clearly I'm still messed up over that broke time in my life. #JUMANJI #HAWAII #SonyPictures #SnickersForTheWholeCrew

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"En dos semanas, me reuniré con mis viejos amigos Kevin Hart y Jack Black y tenemos el honor de presentar a una nueva generación el fantástico mundo de Jumanji", explicó.

Además de Johnson, el elenco estará conformado por Hart, Black y Nick Jonas. El director de la cinta será Jake Kasdan, quien dirigió “Orange County” (2002), “Bad Teacher” (2011) y “Sex Tape” (2014).

"Jumanji" (1995) fue adaptación de la novela homónima de Chris Van Allsburg, quien publicó en 2005 otra obra que, espiritualmente, era como una continuación, titulada "Zathura". 

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